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The metaverse is quickly becoming the next must-have concept within enterprises to improve engagement and UX for employees, customers and partners. Metaverse users’ identities can be spoofed, their accounts can get hacked and their avatars can be taken over. A common challenge is the identity of the person metaverse users are dealing with is always questionable. VR and AR headsets are heavy-duty machines with a lot of software and memory. They are also ripe targets for malicious and inadvertent hacks. Additionally, location spoofing and device manipulation enable perpetrators to take over users’ identities and cause havoc after entering the metaverse. No metaverse regulations exist, and the need for data collection for a truly personalized immersive experience requires privacy invasion.

Core Topics:

  • Blockchain Analytics
  • KYC Verification
  • Smart Contracts Audit
  • Decentralized Systems
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