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Call for Speakers


The launch edition of Cybersec Asia x Thailand International Cyber Week 2024 (powered by NCSA) served as a remarkable convergence point for the cybersecurity industry throughout the 2 days on Jan 31st and Feb 1st 2024 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand, hosting a diverse array of over 58 leading brands from around the world and welcoming more than 2,200 cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts from 39 countries.

We invite passionate cybersecurity experts and industry thought leaders to submit abstracts that align with the following topics:

  • Cybersecurity Strategy: Developing effective and adaptive cybersecurity strategies to protect against emerging threats.
  • Human Firewall: Understanding the crucial role of individuals in safeguarding an organization’s digital assets.
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Protection: Best practices and novel approaches to securing cloud environments and critical infrastructure.
  • Data Protection & Privacy: Techniques for ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Identity & Access Management: Strategies for managing identities and access privileges to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Resilience & Recovery: Building cyber-resilience and implementing efficient recovery plans in the face of cyber incidents.
  • Cyber Compliance: Navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Web3 Security: Exploring the security challenges and solutions within the context of Web3 technologies.

Join us in shaping the future of cybersecurity as we come together to learn, network, and strengthen the digital defense of organizations in the CLMVT region and APAC. We eagerly anticipate your contributions and participation in this exciting event!


Attendees Profile and Expectations: Our event attracts a diverse audience, including cybersecurity professionals, IT managers, executives, startups and tech enthusiasts. Attendees are passionate about enhancing their understanding of cybersecurity best practices, emerging threats and innovative solutions. They seek practical insights, actionable strategies, and real-world case studies that can help them bolster their organization’s defenses and stay ahead of cyber adversaries.

Evaluation Process: To ensure the highest quality of content, all submitted abstracts will be evaluated objectively by our esteemed Advisory Board. The Board, composed of leading experts in the cybersecurity industry and associations, will carefully review each submission, considering its relevance, originality, practicality, and potential impact on the audience. Selected speakers will have the opportunity to present their insights and experiences during the event.

Code of Conduct: We believe in promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech community. As such, we expect all speakers and participants to adhere to a code of conduct that fosters a respectful and inclusive environment. We encourage speakers to engage with the audience actively, encouraging questions, and providing thoughtful responses. The event will also support local communities in Thailand and the CLMVT region, aiming to empower aspiring cybersecurity professionals and foster a collaborative atmosphere for knowledge-sharing.

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